INSpiration to Grow



At first, we will have a free intake. We enter into dialogue with you to clarify what the ultimate goal is and where you run up against. We will then present to you our case specific services which are the start of change and improvement.

GIG | Offer

We ensure that your identity is maintained but you can grow and reach the discussed goals. On the basis of collaborations, our branding, marketing and business development services we draw up a contract. In the contract you can find what you can expect from us and the GIG from you.
Within the GIG, we work in a team. That means we can negotiate the guide and protect you from making wrong decisions. We ensure that all parts of the business are safeguarded, so you can take careless and your ambitions can deliver. We take care of statements, the final deal, the best price negotiations, so that you will achieve maximum performance.

GIG | Invoice

Depending on our agreement we will send you an invoice after we have met our requirements.

GIG | Evaluation

After we reached our goals and the contract has expired we will take a moment to evaluate our provided services. In this conversation you can give your opinion about our working methods and we are also interested in your level of satisfaction with the current status of the company.