INSpiration to Grow



Understanding the challenge, know how to get there. Develop team culture and common language. Develop a fresh and broad look; at the DNA of the brand, market structure, consumer drivers, category codes and conventions. Find out what is going well, can easily be better and where are the great growth spots.

  • Debrief and approach (including time and money)
  • Brainstorming
  • Visual driven insights from several point of views
  • Business and brand compass: good, better and growth

Focus. Dig deeper with the growth spots. Develop bigger ideas for people, business, portfolio brands, identity, communication and activation. Translate those bigger ideas in clear and effective concepts and propositions. Solid business, marketing and organisation plans. Easy to tell and multi-sensory tangible Review the concepts to your target groups

  • Big ideas
  • Great concepts
  • Business plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Organisation plan
  • Process flows
  • Feedback target groups

Execute the concepts in all elements for the first wave. Develop your products and/or services. Refine your brand identity. Organise media and communication instruments. Tailor made your management system. Energizing your organisation. Realize first sales

  • Clear promise
  • Brand identity
  • Portfolio / products
  • Communication platform
  • Technology tools
  • Enthusiastic people
  • Management suitcase

Learn from de first wave in communication, sales, client feed-back, organisation feedback. Optimize your tactical and operational element. Go for the next wave. Energizing your organisation to the next level. Enjoy.

  • Project management
  • Management coaching
  • Team training
  • Tool optimization
  • Inspiration, fun and happiness